Coatwalk 2015 and Hands On London

Coatwalk 2015

This season, Coatwalk 2015 has teamed up with homeless charity Hands On London for their Wrap Up London campaign. The campaign collects old, unwanted coats to give to those in need and this is the fifth year that Hands On London has run this fantastic campaign. Hands On London helps a range of people in need including the homeless, the elderly, refugees and immigrants, women and children who have fled domestic violence, and children in poverty.

With every coat purchased from Jacques Vert, Windsmoor, Precis, Planet, Kaliko, Eastex or Dash this season, you can return your old coat for free and help out those in need.

Give back this season with Coatwalk 2015 and Hands On London!

To send us your old coat and help Hands On London give back this season, all you need to do is purchase a Coatwalk 2015 coat and follow the instructions below…

  1. Ring JVG Customer Services on 0344 770 5838
  2. They will arrange for a DHL pick-up
  3. Place your unwanted coat into the bag provided with your order
  4. Wait in for the DHL courier to pick up your old coat
  5. That’s it!

Alternatively, if you have not bought a new coat but would still like to return an old one for charity, please ring our Customer Services line on 0344 770 5838 and we will send out a returns bag and information with how to send us your old coat!

Coatwalk 2015 and Hands On London

Find out more about Hands On London’s Wrap Up London campaign here.

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