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Day at Desk of

This week we shine the spotlight on a very important member of our team, Lauren. Formerly a graphic designer for luxury footwear brand Charlotte Olympia, Lauren has extensive creative prowess in the world of graphic design. As some of us don’t know what a day in the life of a graphic designer entails, we thought it might be beneficial to delve into Lauren’s day to learn more about the lady behind the screen…

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What inspired you to become a graphic designer?

My inspiration came from my Father – he’s been a graphic designer for over 40 years inspired me to discover my passion for design and creativity.

What is the best part of your job? 

The best part of my job is having control over what I design – I will usually be given a brief of what is needed but love it when I am asked to do what I think! (The project I’m working on at the moment focuses on the magazine and has been really enjoyable so far, as I can be very creative). I also enjoy the variety of working across the whole Marketing and Communication team on an array of different projects.

Explain a typical week in the (working) life of a graphic designer

A typical week for a graphic designer at Jacques Vert Group consists of designing and developing in-store POS, seasonal lookbooks for press purposes, artwork for campaigns (signage, imagery etc) anything in-house, such as presentations, brand developments (garment tags and promotional signage) and special HR projects to promote the brand (Style Magazine). So I have quite a diverse variety of projects to work on throughout my week! 

What would be your plan B?

If I didn’t fall into graphic design the way I did… (when I worked at Charlotte Olympia I realised fashion and graphic design really inspired me), I would likely still have a job within the creative industry. Possibly more towards fine art as I have always had a passion for drawing and painting – when I’m inspired I can easily switch my mind off, plug my music in and just draw… Alternatively – I would have loved to be a vet, as I love all animals!

Tell us what inspires you in three words

Can I have four?! Creativity, success, art and fashion.

Describe your style

Contemporary, easy-to-wear and shaped to flatter my figure. I am also a big fan of monochrome!

Planet Black Trouser Planet Ivory Textured Top Two Tone Collar

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