Top 3: Unusual City Breaks

Whether you’re flying to New York for the weekend or spending a few days in Milan, city breaks are the best way to escape reality without delving into your holiday allowance too much. Top destinations include; Paris, Rome and Barcelona – but wouldn’t it be great to go somewhere a little bit more unknown? Maybe somewhere that is rarely talked about and is somewhat of a hidden gem of sorts? Our Editor gives us her top 3 ‘alternative’ city break destinations, prepare for the unexpected…

Valetta, Malta

Although everyone has heard of Malta and it remains a popular destination for Brits, it’s not a place people would think of going for a typical city break. Valetta, its capital city, is a hotspot buzzing with atmosphere and at a mere 3 hours away, its the perfect place for a fun, albeit unusual, city break. Awash with cultural references to its conception in the 16th century, Valetta is not without its modern touches too, and its at key places such as Strait Street you’ll find bars and live music and restaurants. Visit – Go to Valetta in 2018 when it is crowned the title of ‘City of Culture’.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The best time to visit Vilnius is in early autumn, when the leaves are brown, the weather’s not too hot or too cold and a time when it’s at its most beautiful. With gothic baroque architecture and quaint cobbled streets, Vilnius boasts a great street art scene and is great for a night on the tiles, or cobbles perhaps. We would recommend visiting the area of Uzupis, which is kind of the ‘artist’s quarters ‘ and where you’ll find all the cool wine bars, restaurants and boutique shops.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of the world’s most amazing walled cities, Dubrovnik has charm and history. Complete with a magnificent old town with cobbled streets et al, Dubrovnik has been top of the city goers to-do list for a while now. Drawing you in with its pedestrian-only old town, packed with aristocratic palazzi and elegant Baroque churches, contained within sturdy medieval fortifications, Dubrovnik is the place to be.

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