Winter Beauty Hacks



The cold weather can have an everlasting effect on your skin, hair and just general wellbeing. With the lack of sunlight and vitamin C during the colder months, it is essential you give yourself that little bit more attention. Here are our top 3 beauty pick me ups designed to help you cheat the chill and adapt your daily beauty regime.

1. Moisturise in the shower

With the cold weather brings chapping and dry skin, a good way to eradicate this is to moisturise before you’ve even left the shower! Many skincare brands such as Nivea, do in-shower body creams and washes. Not only do they leave you clean and smelling lovely, they also diminish any dryness whilst your skin is still moist.

 2. Revitalise your lips

With winter comes chapped lips. It’s a given, and the more you try to wet them, the drier they get. Always apply lip balm, oil or Vaseline throughout the day to keep them moist and protect them against the bitterness.


Lip balm


3. De-Frizz your hair

You’d have thought that the heat was the only thing that could damage your hair. This is untrue. During the colder months the icy air and outbursts of rain, snow or even hail can damage your locks, so what do you do in this case, apart from wearing a hat? You give yourself a weekly hair treatment. This could be in the form of an oil or de-fizz spray you apply when the hair is still damp.


Curly Brown Hair isolated on white background

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